A scientifically formulated, well balanced collection of liver protective and hepetogenic liver stimulants. Unlike conventional liver stimulants OPTICARE is a selective combination that has a very good impact on hepatic system of the birds. OPTICARE contains Choline Bi-tartarate, L-Carnitine, Vitamin B12, Betaine, Vitamin E, Glutothione and other liver stimulants.

Inclusion Levels:

Layer 250gm/Mt of feed

Broilers 400gm/Mt of feed

Broilers 400gm/Mt of feed


BIOSINT - T M an ideal combination of zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium and iodine in specific needs as required by the customer. Inclusion levels are depends on the specific formulations.

Biosint-TM PLUS

BIOSINT - T M PLUS is the combination of organic forms of zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium and iodine.


ENZYMIXX – P2500/5000 is a thermo tolerant bacterial phytase in 2500fyt units and 5000fyt units. ENZYMIXX – P2500/5000 has a very high impact on the release of bounded phosphorus in the feed. The general inclusion levels are 50-100gm/Mt of feed.


ENZYMIXX is a cocktail enzymes complex for enhanced performance in birds. ENZYMIXX improves weight gain, FCR and improves the performance of NSPs. It also improves the egg production and shell quality in laying hen. ENZYMIXX is recommended @ 500gm/Mt of feed.


LECIMUL is a scientifically formulated lecithin based emulsifier with fatty acid carrier for better weight gain and body uniformity in poultry. LECIMUL is recommended @ 500gm/Mt of feed.


BIOSINT - OGP (ORGANIC GROWTH PROMOTOR) is a organic growth promoter for poultry and cattle contains selective combination of Prebiotics, Probiotics, Betaine and other organic supplements for better production and health. BIOSINT - OGP is recommended @ 500gm/mt of feed.


BIOSINT – TB++ is an ideal combination of HSCAS, MOS AND ACTIVATED CHARCOAL for excellent binding of all kind of toxins in the feed. TB++ is a specially treated alumino-silicates that has uniformly treated surface area that has specific binding. BIOSINT –TB++ is recommended @ 500gm-1000gm/Mt of feed.