Training and racing animals have much higher physiological demands for essential nutrients, especially energy. Despite carbohydrate is the most common source of energy, it is always the limiting energy source in any performance animals. Therefore the alternative source of energy for performance animals is fuelled by fats.

Fat increases the energy density of the diet, allowing the horse to consume more dietary energy without a proportionate increase in feed intake. This is also accomplished by increasing grain and decreasing forage intake. However, decreasing forage intake decreases water, electrolytes and energy-supplying nutrients in the intestinal tract; these are beneficial for endurance.

Fat decreases the amount of energy used for heat production which (a) decreases the horse's heat load and (b) increases the amount of energy available for physical activity and glycogen storage. For the fats to perform better there requires an external mechanism to transport these fatty acid molecules to cells for energy production.

L-Carnitine is a water soluble amino acid which attaches to medium and long chain fatty acids, transporting them into the mitochondria in all cells, helps in converting fat into energy for the cell. Through this absolutely essential process particularly in performance animals thus L-Carnitine helps reduce the storage of body fat, and the amount of fat in the blood. In other words, adequate L-Carnitine helps the body use fats for energy production rather than depleting the more critical energy reserves of glycogen.

L-Carnitine is absolutely essential in the process of transporting fats into cells for energy (ATP) production. By doing this, it acts as a buffer by delaying the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle cells and then blood when animals are working at maximum exertion. By delaying lactic acid production with subsequent muscle fatigue, endurance and stamina are extended in performance animals. Heart muscle relies almost totally on fats as an energy source, so adequate L-Carnitine is essential for normal heart function. ENERGEXX is a energy management system consists of specially derived Carnitine for performance animals. ENERGEXX helps in utilizing fat as the source energy for the performance animals, thus reduces the dependence of glycogen. It also reduces the accumulation of lactic acids in the body hence better foot health in the performance animals.