A novel galactogogue to improve the milk and its quality. It is a combination of organic calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. There are three individual variants available to improve milk quantity, milk fat and milk protein (SNF). Field trials shown that milk yield improved up to 2 liters, SNF up to 1.2 point basis and fat up to 25% more. This is a customized product based on the customer’s requirement.

Unlike others product, we have taken utmost care to avoid acidic odor in the product, hence the level of acceptability is very high among the animals.


The new generation organic trace mineral complex consisting of organic salts of Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt and Selenium. The organic nature of the product offers superior level of bioavailability, specially designed to improve dairy animal’s reproductive performance. 5M+ is primarily aimed at reducing fertility problems associated with trace minerals deficiencies like no heat, silent heat, low fertility, repeat breeding, reduced conception, corrects hormonal imbalances. The other supplementary benefits like foot health, improving growth in young animals, improve immunity and also aim at reducing skin problems.


Beta-Carotene is a natural Vitamin-A precursor that plays an important role in the fertility of dairy cattle. The dairy cattle in the rural areas face the problem of very high infertility and repeat breeding due to the inadequate and imbalanced feeding practices. We have a very high bio-available FERTIKAR-the novel natural Beta-Carotene for dairy cattle that is proved to improve fertility in dairy cattle. The advantage of using FERTIKAR – the natural Beta-Carotene over conventional Vitamin-A preparations in the market is that physiologically dairy animals has the ability of higher utilization with natural Beta-Carotene.


It is the organic growth promoter that improves the digestibility of feed in the Ruminants. OGP contains some of the specialized ingredients like BETAINE, Probiotics and Prebiotics that enhances the health and performance of dairy animals.